Introducing The GOAT: A Traditional Bock Lager

Introducing The GOAT: A Traditional Bock Lager

Here at Tommy's, we're passionate about the beautiful game, and with the Euros (and Copa America) on the horizon, we knew we needed something special to enjoy while we cheer on some of the world's best!

Introducing The GOAT, our latest creation—a Traditional Bock-Style Lager crafted with the finest European malts and Noble hops. This brew delivers a velvety smooth experience with a bold malty character, accented by delightful hints of toffee, nuts, and caramel. And despite its robust 6.3% strength, it goes down faster than a pacy winger with the slightest touch. 

But hold up—what exactly is a Bock, and why are we talking about goats?

What the Bock?

Bock beer, with its roots firmly planted in the beer-loving soil of Germany, has a history as rich as its flavour. This dark, malty lager was first brewed in the small town of Einbeck, sometime in the 14th century. The beer's reputation grew throughout the centuries before becoming a staple among brewers in the Bavarian city of Munich. There, the local accent transformed "Einbeck" into "ein Bock" (a billy goat), and the name and spirit of Bock beer were born.

Bock was loved by brewers and drinkers alike, even became an important part of Munich's monastic communities. Monks began to brew and drink bock beer as a source of sustenance during times of fasting and the beer became a key part of their religious celebrations, including Easter and Christmas. This tradition extended beyond Munich into other monastic communities, and Bock became a popular choice with beer drinkers throughout Europe. The popularity of bock beer eventually reached new heights in the 20th century, with bock festivals becoming a staple in many German cities.

The Taste of a GOAT

Now, let's talk about what makes Bock beer irresistible. This lager is characterised by its deep amber to dark brown hue, and packs a punch with a hearty rich and toasty maltiness and a subtle hint of hops. Bocks are flavourful, yet exceptionally well balanced despite their alcohol by volume (ABV) typically ranging from 6% to 7.5%, and sometimes even higher. While the popularity of Bocks has faded due to the rise of the pale lager, they are still enjoyed during special occasions, and are enjoying a revival in the craft beer world.

In addition to the Traditional Bock Lager, there are also a number of sub-styles of Bock, including the lighter, paler Maibock, the double-strength Dopplebock, the freeze-distilled Eisbock, and the Weizenbock, which combines the malty richness of Bock beer with the fruity esters and spicy phenols of a traditional German wheat beer (Weizen).

Pairing Bock Beer Like a Pro

Whether you're indulging in a traditional Bock lager, a robust Doppelbock, or a lighter Maibock, there's a perfect pairing to complement every sip. Bavarian classics are an obvious choice, think juicy bratwurst, crispy schnitzel, and roasted Pork knuckle.

Venture beyond Bavarian cuisine and the rich malty profile of Bock pairs perfectly with grilled meats, BBQ, Burgers, cheese and Chocolate desserts. We highly recommend trying The GOAT with our BBQ Pork Ribs, Uncle Sam Burger, Grilled Ribeye or Ringo's Brownie Escape.

So here's to Bock beer! May this lovable goat kick on forever.

The GOAT will be released on Wednesday 8th May 2024 for a limited time. Available only on draft at Tommy's Brewing Company taprooms.

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