Our Team


John Tannous

Satyamohan Tripathy


Hailing from India, our award-winning master brewer is fluent in four languages: English, Hindi, Oriya, and most importantly, brewing. With experience spanning 7 countries, Saty has worked in some of the world’s largest breweries, helped set-up dozens of craft breweries, and won numerous international beer awards in the process.

Whether he’s working hard in the brewery, or sharing a pint with our brewpub regulars, Saty’s knowledge, passion and personality are at the centre of everything we do.  

Favourite Beer Styles: IPA, German Lager
Favourite Tommy’s Beers: Devil’s Woodyard, Pirogue Pilsner

Bryan Elias

Strategy & Brand Development

Like many beer nerds, Bryan’s love of beer began in university, and never quite stopped. Having discovered the different styles of beer available outside of Trinidad, he returned home unwilling to settle for local options, and began brewing, building his beer knowledge one mistake at a time.

Ten years of home brewing later, he joined the Tommy’s team, and settled into a perfect role which combined his interests in brewing, creativity, and branding. 

Favourite Beer Styles: Belgian Quads, IPAs, Hoppy Pilsners
Favourite Tommy’s Beers: Papa Yo!, Dragon's Mouth Barrel Aged, Hop Bazodee

Wilfredo "Gigio" Omana

Taproom & Restaurant GM



Devika Seepersad

Brewery Administration

We'd also like to raise our glass and mention all the hard-working managers,
bartenders, servers, chefs, and the rest of our Tommy's family
who helped make our brewpub a reality and keep it ticking every day!