A century ago, an immigrant named Gabriel Tommy set out into the unknown, with a desire to live life on his own terms.

With every new encounter came a storied experience, which Gabriel detailed in his travel journal. Decades later, his grandson John would discover these tales of adventure, inspiring him to boldly take his own passion for craft beer to the next level: opening his own brewery in search of a better beer.

This is where the story of Tommy’s Brewery begins. 

To do what we do takes guts. It means going against the ‘Big Beer’ industry, even if it breaks their rules. Because to us, craft beer is more than a beverage. It’s an expression of who we are.

Tommy’s journal is a constant reminder to us to stay bold and true to what you believe in, no matter the challenge ahead.


To make beer better.

Beers that are bolder, boast a wider variety and place quality above all else.

We couldn’t find locally made brews we loved, so we set out to create our own—that not only taste better but make the beer experience more satisfying. For us, a good time isn’t how much you can drink, but how much of every moment you can enjoy.

This is the beginning of a real revolution in Trinbagonian beer.

While brewing is a science, and a recipe is just an equation, it’s people that make the difference. Because machines don’t make beer great. People do.

Our fingerprints are on every beer we make and our hands are involved in every step of the way. The passion, creativity and hard work we bring are integral in transforming simple ingredients in the pursuit of craft.

When we say no compromise, we mean it.

We don’t hold back. If our beers need more ingredients, we use it. When they need more time, they get it. This means brews may take 4 times longer and cost us more to make, but when it’s ready you can really see, smell and taste the difference.

Craft beer is our passion. We experiment with unique flavour combinations and seek out local ingredients to inspire new brews. When you truly appreciate the beauty of craft beer, the possibilities are endless.

Whoever said less is more, makes beer for their bottom line and not for you.  

More of everything makes beer better. More hops. More malt. More variety. More passion. More love. And more recognition for our brews.

It goes to show, when you’re bold in what you believe, the journey is its own reward.


This is where the hands that make beer meet the people who enjoy them.

We’ve torn down the wall between brewer and beer lovers to give you a window into our world. Watch our brew team at work while you enjoy hand-crafted bites designed to perfectly pair with the beers we’ve made. Let the lingering aromas of malt and hops be the start of a great conversation about the process. Cozy into our handcrafted wood furnishings as you taste experimental brews and give your unfiltered review.

Being at the heart of our brewing means that with every visit, there’s an event, celebration or a diverse group of people always on tap.

We’ve put all our passion into creating this craft community with all the vibrancy of our brews. All that’s left—is for it to be enjoyed. We won’t tell you what the craft beer experience is. Come see for yourself.