Seeing Duo: Our East Gates Taproom Opens Featuring Duotank Technology!

Seeing Duo: Our East Gates Taproom Opens Featuring Duotank Technology!

Nestled in the heart of the brand new East Gates Mall in Trincity, our newest taproom is more than just a place to grab a beastly cold pint of great beer and some bites. It's a shrine to creativity, laughter, memories, and innovative technology. 

    With our new East Gates Taproom we've taken craft beer storage and serving to a whole new level with the magic of Duotank technology.

    Picture this: massive copper tanks, hanging over head and gleaming like liquid gold, containing a symphony of meticulously crafted beers. With this cutting-edge technology, we ensure that each pint is as fresh and delicious as a unicorn's kiss.

    Now, you might be wondering, "What's so special about Duotanks?" Well, let us enlighten you. These tanks provide a perfect environment for our beer to flourish, maintaining precious co2 levels, keeping oxygen out, and preserving the beer's hoppy, malty goodness until the very last drop.

    Duotanks are also packaged directly from our tanks at our brewpub in Invader's Bay, Port of Spain. This not only reduces transportation costs by up to 70% but also minimizes our carbon footprint, ensuring that hops aren't the only thing green about our beer.

    Since our founding in 2018 we've built a team of 100 hardworking individuals who share a deep commitment to spreading the gospel of craft beer, and we've been humbled by the passionate support we've received. East Gates represents the newest step of this mission.

    This taproom features 24 taps filled with craft beer and cider, from our flagship Tommy's Lager, to other year-round favourites including Suck Eye Blonde Ale, Small Axe Hard Cider and Hop Bazodee Juicy IPA, as well as experimental brews including Fruited Sours and Barrel Aged Beers.  In an era dominated by uniformity, we proudly bang the drums of authenticity, diversity, and flavor.

    Aside from kick-ass beer, our East Gates also features a pizza station serving up delicious Romana style pizza with innovative flavour combinations. No matter how complicated the world gets, the simple truth remains, pizza and beer are a match made in heaven. If pizza ain't your thing, strange as that may be, we've also got a great selection of burgers, tacos, wings and more to keep you satisfied.

    Tommy's Brewing Company @ East Gates is now open every day, from 10:30AM-11PM. Drop in and join us for a cold one, and until then check out the video below to see the Duotank in action!

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