Landfall: Celebrating Art and Community at Our East Gates Taproom

Landfall: Celebrating Art and Community at Our East Gates Taproom

At Tommy’s Brewing Company, we recently celebrated two important milestones, our 5th anniversary, and the opening of our new taproom at East Gates, Trincity. At the heart of every successful brewery lies the never-ending dedication and passion for constant improvement, and in facing these milestones we saw opportunities to push our boundaries.

For our 5th anniversary we brewed Earthstrong, a Triple IPA that embodied all our learned knowledge about brewing IPAs, and with our East Gates Taproom we introduced Duotanks, a technology which revolutionises how beer is transported and served fresh from our brewery.

However, aside from the gleaming copper Duotanks filled with delicious, fresh craft beer, one of the other captivating features of this new taproom is a stunning piece of art that graces its walls. We didn't just want to decorate the space; we aimed to tell a story, evoke emotions, and inspire our guests. To do so, we needed to collaborate with a talented artist, who shared our values and could encapsulate the essence of our brewery’s story and ethos.

Our search led us to Kriston Banfield, and the self-described  “young island derelict, sailing upon turbulent seas” seemed the perfect fit. Kriston's artistic journey itself is an inspiring narrative. As a young, self-taught visual artist from T&T, he took a leap of faith thrusting himself into the vibrant art scene of New York City, a place he now calls home.

His work is deeply rooted in the exploration of community, belonging, and the human experience. Through his creations, Banfield often delves into the intricate process of discovering one's sense of place in the world, while provocatively questioning the societal forces that shape our lives.

We contacted Kriston and asked him to create a piece that would capture the essence of Tommy's. Banfield's artistic prowess shines brilliantly in his mixed-media painting, now known as "Landfall." At its core, “Landfall” is a re-interpretation of Tommy's Brewing Company's logo, picturing Tommy traversing turbulent seas while the glistening sun hints at hope ahead.

However, with masterful strokes of colour and form, "Landfall" isn't just a painting; it's a narrative that captures the spirit of hope and adventure which inspired us to start this brewery five years ago, while illustrating the challenges faced throughout the journey.

The re-imagined logo, brought to life through Banfield's unique lens, also evokes a sense of movement, progression, and opportunity. “Landfall” enhances the taproom experience and symbolises the fact that just as every individual's journey is unique, so too is every sip of craft beer and every interaction within our East Gates taproom's welcoming walls.

The choice to collaborate with Banfield underscores our commitment to more than just brewing great beer; it's about creating an environment that fosters connection, contemplation, and creativity. 


"Landfall" is now on permanent display at our East Gates taproom. For more information on Kriston Banfield, visit his website, and see below for his thoughts on this collaboration.

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